Dress For Your Shape

How To Tell What Shape Your Body Is And How To Dress For That Shape

It's a common problem - you fall in love with that perfect dress, only to discover that it's not so perfect for you when you try it on! It can be frustrating that the dress that catches your eye is not always the best choice for your body type. It happens to everyone, from curvy ladies to girls with athletic shapes - no single body type suits every dress.

However, O'beige is here to help! Your unique body shape should be celebrated. Show off the best version of yourself by choosing an O'beige dress that matches your figure, and accentuates your best assets.

With O'beige wide selection of casual dresses and evening gowns, you can find pieces that best fit your body whether you're looking for dresses for an apple shape or dresses for a pear shape. We know that figuring out which silhouette is the best for your body type can be confusing, so we're here to lend a hand. If you're unsure which picks are the perfect dresses for your figure, you can lean on our guide to point you in the right direction.

But hold on O'beige - how do I know what shape I am? How do you know whether your body can be described as hourglass, pear, apple, or rectangle? You can start by seeing which of your features fit these particular body types.

  • Rectangle - Your body can be described as having a rectangle shape if your bust, shoulders, and hips are about the same size. Rectangle body types do not necessarily have a defined waistline. Rectangle body shapes should be looking for dresses that give the illusion of curves to a more linear body structure.
  • Hourglass - Those that have an hourglass figure have similar bust and hip measurements, with a very defined waistline, just like an hourglass. If you have an hourglass figure, you probably should be in search of a dress that accentuates your slim waistline and flatters your curves.
  • Pear - Body types that can be labeled pear shape tend to have wider hips than shoulders, with a slightly smaller bust. Finding a dress that balances your body structure is key.
  • Apple - If you have an apple shape, that usually means your shoulders are wider than your hips. Most women who can be described as having an apple shape have very little waist definition; so looking for a dress that will create a waistline should be the goal.

Now that you have a few guidelines to help you decide which body type best describes your figure, the next step will bring you closer to choosing the perfect dress. Follow these tips on which silhouettes will accentuate your features and have you looking your best at the next big occasion.

A-line and flared fits - Dresses with a little bit of flare are great for accentuating the waist and camouflaging wider hips. A-line dresses are perfect for most body types. The flare can give the illusion of curves for those with a rectangle shape, while drawing attention away from wider hips for those with a pear shape. A-line dresses will also help give the look of a defined waistline and give shape to an apple body type.

Empire - A dress with an empire waistline can be the perfect pick for both rectangle and pear shaped body types. If you describe your unique figure as a rectangle, then an empire silhouette will give you the look of a defined waistline. For pear shaped bodies, an empire dress will elongate your legs and your body by drawing attention away from your lower body and up to your waistline.

Sheath - The close-fitting look of a sheath dress can be flattering for a number of body types, but is particularly appropriate for those with hourglass figures. A sheath cut will accentuate your slim waist and show off your curves instead of hiding them. Opt for a fitted sheath dress that takes the shape of your body, but isn't too tight.

Neckline is also an important factor to consider when looking for the most figure-flattering dress. Necklines like off the shoulder are perfect for pear shaped body types because they draw attention to the upper body and take the focus away from wider hips. Those who have apple or rectangle shapes should opt for dresses with straps that will soften the shoulders. Hourglass figures can choose most necklines as long as the silhouette cinches at the waist. However, strapless dresses are the best choice for hourglass figures.

No matter how flattering your dress is, it's important to keep in mind that feeling good in your dress is just as important! Celebrate your unique figure and make sure you feel like a star no matter what dress you're wearing.



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